Building an Economy That Works for Everett Families

Everett’s economy has largely recovered since the Recession, but many still feel left behind. There is a lot of work to be done to ensure that our children and their children can work and thrive in our city for the decades to come. 

We must attract more businesses to create family wage jobs and diversify our economy.  We must build upon our past success by continuing to build partnerships between the public and private sector. We must support our small businesses and make sure they have the tools they need to thrive.  We must continue to honor our commitment to the aerospace industry and Naval Station Everett.

Over the next four years, I will work with community members and business leaders to build an economy that works for us.

Ensuring Safe Streets and Neighborhoods

We all deserve to feel safe. Our first responders have entered a new normal where the demands continue to grow whether it is gang violence, drugs, or the tragedy of homelessness. I will continue to work for you in making sure that our first responders have the tools, resources, and manpower they need to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.


I am proud of the progress we have taken through the Community Streets Initiative and the Safe Streets Plan.  These are wonderful examples of how achievements can be made through collaboration between nonprofit organizations and our business and faith communities. Bringing Your Voice to City Hall


Whether you are a CEO or a front-line worker, Everett should be a city where you can be heard.  Over the next 25 years, Everett is estimated to grow by up to 60,000 residents and we need to make sure that all residents, new and old, have their voices heard at City Hall.

I understand firsthand the importance of identifying and honoring the unique benefits and attributes of every neighborhood in our great city. I will strive to be a strong advocate for all neighborhoods and all citizens. As a lifetime resident of Everett, I am committed to our success.,  

Balancing Our Budget Responsibly

When it comes to balancing our budget and spending tax dollars, we must keep one simple fact in mind:  It’s your money.

Taxpayer dollars are not just numbers on a spreadsheet.  They are real, hard-earned dollars that we need to manage wisely.  As both a City Councilmember and the Everett School District’s Executive Director of Finance and Business Services, I always strive to make sure the dollars we spend are producing the best return on investment for our residents.

As revenues continue to decline due to cuts in federal and state funding, we must continue to live within our means.  We must make sure that we are getting the biggest bang for our buck, particularly with significant issues like homelessness, addiction, and mental illness.  

Providing Educational Opportunities for Our Children

Strong public schools not only provide our children with the tools they need to be successful but also help us attract new businesses to our great city.

I’m proud of my decades of work with at the Everett School District and will continue to work to strengthen the ties between our local schools and our neighborhood associations and City. 

The addition of Washington State University to our post-secondary educational community provides new pathways to success for our young people and so many in Everett.  I will continue to push for expanded opportunities for our children to gain the skills and education they need to enter the 21st-century workforce.

Protecting Our Environment

The citizens of Everett are blessed by the natural beauty of this great city. We enjoy a saltwater waterfront, Jetty Island, the Snohomish River as well as beautiful recreation areas including   Forest Park, neighborhood parks, and two public golf courses.  Panoramic views of mountains and rural valleys set the stage for a vibrant future.

I will continue to focus on revitalization and protection of these assets. I support pedestrian and bicycle pathways throughout our city, and public transportation to provide access to all amenities for all our citizens.

Identifying Compassionate Solutions for Our Toughest Problems

It’s no secret that drug addiction and mental illness are often left untreated and ignored in our society.  Here in Everett, we have seen the number of those impacted   skyrocket in recent years.”  We must take a two-pronged approach to tackling addiction and illness in our community:

  • We must look to provide more treatment options for addiction and mental health.  Whether that is a specialized treatment center, through diversionary programs, or thinking outside the box of traditional programs, we must act and we must take it now.  I will work with our regional partners at the County, neighboring cities, and State to find solutions that will work for our community.

2. We also must enforce our current laws.  Drug addiction, unfortunately, breeds property destruction, violence, and gang crime.  While treatment options are optimal, there are some who will fall through the cracks.  We must make sure that our police officers have the support they need to protect our citizens and enforce our laws.