Hello! As a lifelong resident of Everett, it has been a privilege to build my life and raise my children in our great city. During my tenure on the City Council, Everett has seen many successes including recovering from the Recession, creating educational opportunities through the addition of Washington State University/Everett and investment in the educational K-12 STEM programs. 

Despite our successes, there still remain challenges on the horizon.  Homelessness, addiction, and mental illness require immediate action.  I will be a strong advocate for compassionate and creative solutions to both the symptoms that we see on our streets and the root causes of this growing crisis.

Our city is estimated to grow by 60,000 new residents over the next 20 years, offering incredible opportunities.  Strong and effective leadership is required. We must create more family wage jobs and affordable housing to ensure that our children and grandchildren can afford to live in their hometown.  We must invest in public safety.  We must protect our natural environment that contributes so greatly to our quality of life. We must listen to our citizens and, as the only City Councilmember in South Everett, I will do just that.

I ask for your vote.

-        Jeff